Baked Potatoes

Served with butter, real bacon bits, sour cream & freshly chopped green onions.

Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Made with fresh garlic and butter and served with sour cream.

Jacqueline's "Root-in Toot-in" Baked Beans

“Bean Connoisseur Approved!!”

Fresh Corn on the Cob Pieces

Bite sized corn on the cob pieces steamed on site with real butter, chopped red peppers & slivers of fresh garlic.

Seasonal Veggies

Your choice of fresh seasonal veggies steamed on site with real butter.

Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms

Whole mushrooms sauteed on site in real butter & fresh garlic loaded with our “We Could Tell Ya But We’d Have To Kill Ya Secret Seasoning”.

Baba's Perogies

“Artery Hardening!” Made the original Baba way with lots of cream, onions & fresh dill.

Baba's Cabbage Rolls

Rolled Baba’s way with real bacon & onions soaking in a bed of tangy tomato sauce.

Hot Wine Sauerkraut

Our homemade wine sauerkraut served hot and a perfect pork accompaniment.

Deluxe Gourmet Cheese Tray

A variety of cubed gourmet cheeses on a bed of kale garnished with fresh grapes.